Led by an Ivy League trained scientist, CureMyWay applies behavioral economics and psychological  principles to drive adherence, ongoing engagement, and behavior change. Read more >

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Helping you convey your advantages in a way that corresponds with what we know about comprehension and motivation. Read more >


Research, training, and development toward patient engagement, prescriber behavior, and behavior change. Wherever you need us. Read more >

  • Developing a scorecard for preventing chronic disease
  • Developing programs for changing prescriber behavior
  • Creating adherence guidelines
  • Forming a meta-strategy for a health focused ad agency
  • Revolutionizing user Interface for a wellbeing company
  • Making medical imaging results accessible to patients
  • Increasing engagement and retention at a wellness website
  • Training marketing executives and teams in consumer behavior
  • Composing scientific white papers
  • Changing prescriber behavior
Distinguished speaker, event creator, and advisory board moderator
Dr. Miron-Shatz is a popular lecturer and experienced panel builder and moderator that specialized in behavioral aspects of health decision making

Prof. Talya Miron- Shatz’s Academic Publications

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