A holistic approach toward ongoing engagement

Buddy&Soul is a personal development hub that empowers its members to maximize their potential and change their lives… for good! Our holistic, action-based approach merges validated research and interventions with the emotional support of a warm, caring community. The result is meaningful, lasting change. If you represent an enterprise that wants to help its consumers thrive, drop us a line and let us tell you more about our platform and our FREE business partnership model.

Contact Talya Miron-Shatz, PhD. CEO co-founder
Talya (at) BuddyNSoul.com
And come see her at the Financial Times Digital Health event, June 27th, 2017.

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A 360° holistic view for our users

Buddy&Soul’s end-users enjoy validated features for training, learning and support – a powerful combination of scientifically proven knowledge and the wisdom of the crowds. We have a 360-degree holistic view of each user’s needs. Unlike solutions that briefly interact with the user, we aim to integrate into their lives and deal with all the things that matter to the user, not just “the problem”. We do it by offering a large selection of “Special Forces” such as “Loving your pregnant body”, “Taking your medication seriously”, “Discover the power of giving” and many more. We run our Special Forces in a supportive environment, with designated Force Captains. Beside Forces, we run Communities that offer users who have something in common (such as – young parents, or people recently diagnosed with a medical condition), the opportunity to practice Forces in a group led by a Community Leader.

Collaborate with Buddy&Soul

We are looking for:

looking for profesionals

Professional partners

Domain experts and community leaders, who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific issues/topics and want to develop them in Buddy&Soul.
research partners

Research partners

We mainly aim grant submissions for Horizon 2020 and other European funding programs. Buddy&Soul co-founder Talya Miron-Shatz is the recipient of a Marie Curie grant, and Buddy&Soul has already submitted a grant application as part of a European consortium. Since we offer a solution for connecting with patients and other populations, we are the ideal plug-in solution for introducing behavior change in lifestyle and health, which every health-related project requires.

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